Call for Issue 04: Winter 2020
Curated by Max-O-Matic

Deadline for submissions: October 1, 2019

Now: Burning Bridges to the Past

After being one of the most defining elements of 20th century contemporary art, collage has slowly, but persistently, lost its revolutionary aspects. It has become something shallower and emptier: an aesthetic. Collage, for many, is more a fixed combination of pre-defined elements (vintage, surreal, funny, etc.) than a medium that provides endless freedom to turn ideas into images in infinite ways.

Cut Me Up is a direct attack on this stale state of collage. Having to use collage as the main source to create more collage forces a fresh approach. Reappropriation of contemporary artworks, as opposed to forgotten cultural relics, compels us to examine our relationships to the materials we work with. It forces a breaking away from habitual patterns. In the process of transforming contemporary works the Cut Me Up audience shifts roles — the viewer/consumer of contemporary culture becomes the creator.

For Cut Me Up: Issue 4, I’d like to extend these ideas and unleash the possibilities of collage to respond to the present moment. Inspired by the innovative and radical spirit of the DADA movement, I encourage dynamic responses to contemporary culture through critique and social commentary.

Visual Artist
Director of The Weird Show 

To submit artwork responses:

  • All new clippings should be sourced from printed media published in 2019.

  • Black and white photography cannot be sourced from anywhere other than Cut Me Up: Issue 3.

  • Solid colors are very welcome.

  • .Submissions have to make the reader think, so better to step away from the obvious and direct. Dare to be abstract!

  • All eligible submissions must incorporate some portion or portions of Cut Me Up Issue 3.

  • Artworks responses may be in any media and may incorporate other materials. 

  • Artwork responses must be vertically oriented.

  • Submit a low-res jpeg of your work, sized at 10.25” x 8.25” at 150 dpi. (If selected for the print publication, you will be asked to provide a high res tiff file sized at 10.25” x 8.25” at 600 dpi.)

  • Label artwork jpegs with your name and the title of the work: last name_first name_title.jpeg

  • In the email body, please include artwork information:

    • Your name

    • Title of work

    • Date

    • Materials used

    • Original size of artwork

  • Send submissions to

Issue 4 of Cut Me Up Magazine will be published on January 1, 2020